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A Message from the Leadership team:


Hello everyone, 


What an interesting time we are in, and we continue to unite in prayer for our neighbours, community and country as we navigate through this time.  Over the last several days we've had questions about options for tithing and how to make that work, as we are not meeting together each week. We have developed some options for you that are now available for continued giving to support the mission of Riverside.


Online Giving:

This link will take you to our platform for giving, where you simply follow the instructions to give to Riverside.  This option however only accepts Credit Cards and soon will include Apple Pay.  This option allows you to do one time giving, set up regular giving on a specific day and other intervals including weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or twice per month.  You will receive confirmation e-mails for each instance of giving to the e-mail you set-up in your profile.




Most banks offer the ability to do e-Transfers.  (You may want to check with your bank to see if this is included in your banking fee or if it has an additional fee) This can be done through your banks mobile app or on-line banking.


Enter "Riverside Community Church" in the name and it will find us to deposit automatically. NO PASSWORD REQUIRED


Pre-Authorized Debit:


This option has been available for some time and currently on our website you can access this option.  Click the link on our website (under the menu, click donations and click the link at the bottom). The form can be downloaded, printed and returned to riverside via email ( or by mail (address below).



For those who still prefer to tithe/give using a cheque, you still have that option. The church office is closed now until further notice, but mail will be checked regularly. You are welcome to drop off donations (cheques only/no cash) into our locked mailbox or mail it to:

Riverside Community Church
43 Hagey Avenue
Fort Erie, Ontario, L2A 1W3



I want to emphasize that all offerings through electronic methods can not be designated and will be deposited into the general fund.


As you navigate through these options, we ask you to please consider that the e-transfer and Pre-Authorized Debit options have no additional costs for Riverside.  However, for the
Text-to-Give and Online Giving options, Riverside will have to cover Credit Card fees approximately  2-3% and transaction fees.

God Bless


The Riverside Leadership Team.





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